Saturday, 26 November 2011

I love... the Conran Marlowe armchair

I loooove this armchair. I call it the duvet chair as it's so lazy and delicious and looks just like a huge duvet crying out to be curled up in. Its part of Terence Conran's new collection for M&S. And it would look just perfect in my living room! It's priced at £799 - £999 depending on fabric choice which I don't think is too bad. However it's £799 I don't have right now so I'll just have to dream for now...

I've also spotted this on X-Factor (to which I am addicted by the way.) And you can also remove the legs so it just sits straight on the floor. So what do you think? Irresistible or ugly?


  1. Love love love it! It's such an interesting shape and it looks like it could be seriously comfortable. The deal clincher is that the legs come off!

  2. I agree, it'd be like a bed you could sit up in but in your living room! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment

    Kim x